Kreston BulMar Kyustendil, Bulgaria, makes registration of new companies in the country to foreign citizens and provides accounting services thereafter.

Kreston BulMar provides a wide range of integrated consulting services at world-wide level that can ensure efficiency, stability and growth of each business in Bulgaria and abroad.

Kreston BulMar is a part of Kreston International, one of the leading and widely recognized networks of independent accounting and consulting firms in the world, with more than 750 representative offices in over 100 countries, with more than 20 000 professionals employed.

Kreston BulMar has been a leading Bulgarian accounting and consulting company for 15 years, it is a symbol of highest professionalism, commitment, constant growth and improvement, providing maximum reliability and benefits to its customers.




The correct accountancy, true financial results disclosure and correct taxation of the enterprises are related to the knowledge and precise enforcement of several hundred interconnected regulation acts that are constantly being amended.

Moreover, mistakes and omissions in accounting and taxation could be detected years after they were made and that can cost too much. We work in a way that you can focus only on your business and we take the responsibility for your accounting and taxation.

With us you win:

• Professionalism. We provide accounting services to hundreds companies, working in different industries, and thus nothing in the field of accounting and taxation remains a secret for us. Our employees received special vocational training, they are equipped with the latest informational and technological facilities, and their level of competence is controlled by 12 exams yearly.

• Responsibility. The contracts we with our costumers ensure that we are liable for all our mistakes and omissions This cannot be secured by hiring a chief accountant, working under employment contract.

• Benefits. The fee you would pay us will be considerably lower compared to the expenses you are paying for salaries of your accounting staff, their workplaces, computers, the necessary software, consumables, subscriptions and trainings.

• Flexibility. We offer exceptional flexibility and speed in our work and unlike regular staff members under employment contracts we do not go on vacation or on sick leave.

• Awareness. We are convinced that the benefits from our monthly financial reports and recommendations are unknown to you and will be of great help to you in the process of taking the most appropriate management decisions.


The payroll processing and the related deductions, compensations and social securities are extremely dynamic and complicated tax and calculating matter. The solution to this problem requires maintaining exceptional competency, which in many cases is impossible or economically unreasonable.

On the other hand the confidentiality of the salary sums is very often so important that it is better for the company to outsource the calculation and the payment of salaries of the management or even of the whole staff.

To save your efforts for maintaining specific competence and to guarantee the privacy of salaries in your company, we offer a complete range of services connected with the payroll, including management reports and tax protection.

Let us be your business partners.

Contact us:

Bulgaria, Kyustendil, Polc. Stefan Manov 11 str., 1st fl.
Phone: +359 78 52 02 53; Mobile: +359 888 733 209
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